How to Reset your TP-Link Router

To begin a whole TP-Link reset, follow the following steps carefully. If you don't press the reset button to the proper amount of time, however many times you press on the reset button, then it will be of no use. The 30-30-30 Router reset process works for most routers without respect to the manufacturer. We'll use the identical procedure to your TP Link router reset.

Notice: Before you reset the TP-Link router, test if it's the reboot will burst.

1: Find the Reset Button

You may find the reset button at the backside of your TP-Link router. It will most likely be hidden within a pit to prevent users from pressing on it by error. For some models, the button may also stick out. In sporadic cases, the WPS button will behave as the reset button while using the reset sequence.

In any event, locate the button and continue on to another step.

2: Press & Hold the Reset Button

With the router powered on, keep the reset button for 30 seconds. Without releasing the button, switch off the power supply and wait for another 30 minutes. While holding the TP-Link reset button, turn on the energy and wait for another 30 minutes.

3: Reconfigure Your Own TP-Link Router

You may bypass this step if you want to maintain the mill settings. But we recommend making modifications and preferably continue with a TP-Link password modification to secure your connection.


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