How to Update a TP Link Router

The operating system that your router runs is known as"firmware". Every router model has firmware which has been specifically made for this. From time to time, router makers provide firmware upgrades on their website or from within the router's console.

Why would you want to upgrade your own router?

Router updates are provided to add new safety features, repair vulnerabilities, or other improvements like functionality updates.

  1. With your computer's web browser, navigate to
  2. Go to SUPPORT.

  3. Click Download Center.
  4. Scroll through the Download Center and search for your router exact version number.
  5. Click in your router model number to open its own download page.
  6. On the next page, click Firmware.
  7. Consider the Released Date to Be Able to locate the latest firmware version.
  8. Next, carefully analyze the title of the firmware you are going to download.
    1. In the above example:
    2. DecoM5 is the version name.
  9. Be certain that the model name, region and version match the label printed onto your router.

From the preceding case:

  • AD7200 is your version name.
  • US is your region.

 When you've confirmed, click the firmware name to download the file to your computer.

If you are facing any problem related to updation of tp link router, visit:


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