How To Setup A TP Link Router

At first glance, setting up a router may seem daunting but if you follow the steps in this informative article it is very simple. The simple setup is super-simple but you do not wish to quit there. You will want to create a few changes to improve security and be sure the only men and women who can get your router and the system is you.

TP Link Router are very popular because of their competitive price and simplicity of usage. They supply quick network access, can act as a firewall in addition to a router, and may provide wireless access within your premises.

To earn a network, you will need a modem with an active online connection and one or more computers. We begin by connecting a pc through Ethernet for setup but once finished, you can change to wireless if you will need to. You can't set up a router using WiFi.

Setting up your router

You may have to configure your modem to modem-only style but that is based entirely on your ISP. It's well worth checking the modem settings display to discover. Even though it is possible to use two routers within a network, you can just use a single DHCP server which should be inside your router, not your own modem.

When You have unboxed your own router:

  1. Place it near your ISP modem and connect the modem into the WAN port of the router with an Ethernet cable.
  2. Turn the router . The connection light ought to go green once it has a relationship.
  3. Join your computer to the router's LAN port via Ethernet. It doesn't matter which port number you're using.
  4. Open a browser and type into the URL bar. Try if 1.1 does not do the job. You should see a TP-Link display look.
  5. Form admin and admin for the username and password.

You are now logged into the configuration display of your router. It's from here that we put up everything.

Change the Router Password

The first thing you should always do when establishing a new router would be to modify the password. Everyone understands admin admin so you need to change it today.

  1. Select Management and Access Control.
  2. Select Password.
  3. Enter the old password and the new password twice.
  4. Select Save.

On some routers, the menu will be Maintenance and Administration but the rest should be the same. Some routers will allow you to modify the username. If yours has this option, change that too. Do your best not to create your username recognizable and be certain that your password is powerful.

Establish WiFi onto a TP-Link router

Establishing wireless is just as simple. You'll have to prepare a WiFi password for all people to use to get your wireless network. Make it as strong as you can while also keeping it usable. Make certain that it differs from the own router password.

  1. Select Wireless in the TP-Link router configuration menu.
  2. Select Wireless Network Title and call it something meaningful.
  3. Select the region and set the mode. 802.11 Mixed is fine there.
  4. Select a channel or set it to auto for now if you would like.
  5. Then pick Save.
  6. Select Wireless and then Wireless Security.
  7. Select WPA2 as the encryption.
  8. Set a new wireless password. Make it something strong.
  9. Select Save.

Your wireless network is now configured and ready to work with. As soon as you've rebooted your router, connect a phone or other device for it using the password you set up. It must connect right away.


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